Top 5 ways cults recruit people

  1. Cults look for people who are going through a transition in life
    1. Students who don’t have a lot of friends or connections
      1. Moonies who recruit new students through “cultural exchange”
    2. People who don’t have a clear purpose in life
      1. The family or Mansons who found people hanging out in San Francisco in the early 60s
    3. People who have lost their faith in one religion often find another religion or cult to join 
  2. They isolate you
    1. Cults will find a way to keep you away from friends and family so you only get the information they want you to have
      1. They’ll invite you to a weekend retreat
      2. They’ll tell you not to listen to your friends that question the cult’s belief system or practices
      3. They give you literature to read and tell you all other sources of information are evil or inaccurate
  3. They will love bomb you
    1. Love bombing is when a cult or high control group concentrates their attention on you when you first join or when you do something they like
      1. They will often do the opposite and totally ignore you if you do something they don’t want you to do. That way, you subconsciously want to do things that please them to continue to get their approval
  4. They try to take over other aspects of your life
    1. They have meetings, get togethers, camps, firesides, lectures, cultural exchanges, entertainment, classes, retreats, and other meetings to keep you engaged and occupied so you don’t have the time to question. And before you know it, you’ve joined the cult
  5. They find ways to wear down your defenses.
    1. They have late night meetings that keep you from sleeping
    2. They might make you go long times without food or drink
    3. They will give you something and then make you feel like you have to go along with what they ask because you fill obligated
    4. Cults will often have meetings and lectures where it’s inconvenient to use the restroom or get up and move. 

Almost no one joins a cult on purpose and almost no cults admit that they’re a cult. It’s up to each of us to watch out for the warning signs and let friends know if their behavior changes after they join an organization or group. With a little help, we can stamp out bad cult activity before it has a chance to ruin people’s lives. 

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