Curious about The Nice Cult?

The Nice Cult is an experiment in developing a cult from the ground-up. Ideas from other cults will be explored on the Mom I Joined a Cult podcast and considered by The Nice Cult’s founders. Good ideas will be adopted, bad ideas will hopefully be rejected. Ideally we will have some fun along the way. As far as we know a cult has never been developed on a weekly podcast before. Our hope is to end up with a cult we can all be proud of.

Don’t worry, we’re not starting a mass-suicide cult that will take all your money and touch your naughty places. After all, we’re The Nice Cult right? We’ll never adopt any rule or belief you’ll have to follow. Heck, we won’t follow them either.

Join the fun! Just follow the link on the front page where you’ll find a button that shows you how to become a full-fledged member and recieve a tasteful personalized certificate (suitable for framing) that affirms your membership in the nicest cult on the internet. 

The Nice Cult was started by a group of friends who wondered, “Why not start a cult?” Since none of them could think of a reason not to, The Nice Cult was formed. Since its founding, The Nice Cult has become a world wide phenomenon (by that we mean it was given its own website, social media accounts, and etsy page). 

Why not be the first of your friends to join and post about your official cult membership online? Hang your certificate on the wall and make everyone jealous (and your mother more than a little worried). 

The Nice Cult Organization

The Nice Cult org. chart is shaped like a trapazoid. Since it’s founder has passed into The Nice Place, all other founding members share the same level in the hierachy. They are listed below in no particular order:

  • Renaldo DiCaprio The Architect 
  • Gunnar The Oracle 
  • Nathan Mua’dib
  • Don Carlos Mithrandir
  • Thor Generalissimo 
  • Upper Level followers: Colonels 
  • Mid Level followers: Fanatics 
  • Lower Level followers Zealots

Magisterium Colecti

Below is a list of the Magisterium Colecti. People who hold a place of special honor in The Nice Cult. This honorific is not an endorsement, just our way of saying; we saw what you did there…

  • James Taylor (for the soundtrack of our weekly sauna outings)
  • Leonard Nimoy (you know what you did)
  • George Micheal (a father figure to us all)
  • Teddy Rosevelt (for his teeth and teddy bears)

Dates of Special Observance

  • Jan 2, Renaldo DiCaprio was born 
  • Feb 2, Hot-Cake Day 
  • July 4 Kool-Aid Day (photos of the first annual Kool-Aid Day Community Outreach day a the Provo Freedom Festival in Utah
  • August 5, The Nice Cult was founded
  • October 14, Chick Fil-A Night


(For more information about these holy observances, visit our Nice Cult Belief System page.)

Renaldo's Favorite Tunes