Stuff Bad Cults Do

Since The Nice Cult is evolving, it’s important to see where other cults went wrong and commit to not doing those things. Below is a list of stuff we’ll try not to do as a cult. This list is frequently being added to on the weekly Mom I Joined a Cult  podcast. Stay tuned for more naughty things bad cults do. 

  1. Never predict a specific day the world is going to end, make your prediction so vague that you cannot possibly be proven wrong. (adopted episode 1) 
  2. Never require your members to kill people. It gets messy, and causes unwanted questions and scrutiny from the police. (adopted episode 2)
  3. Followers are not required to brand, tattoo or mark themselves in any way. A tattoo does not disqualify you from membership. In fact, tasteful tattoos are appreciated. (adopted episode 3)
  4. Never require your followers to give their lives for the cause. the only sacrifice required is to purchase membership into The Nice Cult. You may on occasion want to purchase another member hot-cakes (especially on hot-cake day) but this is in no way manditory (adopted episode 4)
  5. This list is frequently being added to.